What is Design Build and its Importance

What is Design-Build?

Design build in Las Vegas is one of the most popular methods used by general contractors and clients to develop construction projects. Design–build relies on a single point of responsibility contract between the General Contractor and the Client.

This agreement is one of the best options since it reduces risks for the project stakeholders .For example, any type of project changes are addressed beforehand leading to innovative solutions.

The design phase and construction phase of the project will run concurrently. It includes a single point of responsibility, making the design-build contractor responsible for all work on the project.

Why Design-Build?

Design build in Las Vegas was considered to be a second alternative for construction projects. However now design build helps stakeholders to device a seamless solution for all types of construction process. For example, construction projects consist of hiring a design team (Architect) on one side, while entering into a construction agreement with a General Contractor on the other side.

When managing too many different teams it brings in a lot of challenges. For instance, if something goes wrong and requires a change in the design or scope, teams blame one another resulting in cost overruns or schedule changes.

Hence, the design–build product addresses the issue, providing a single point of contact for the design and construction phases of a project.

Design-Build Process?

Design-Build in Las Vegas is considered to be the most logical and cost-effective approach by many construction companies. There are essentially five stages involved in the design build process. It is vital to understand that the phases often overlap. Mainly because in design build team everyone works together to drive the processes to help run things smoothly.

Design Build in Las Vegas
Essentially, the single contact holds the responsibility and contractual risk for all stages of the build, including:
  1. Project estimation
  2. Assessments and pre-construction
  3. Architecture
  4. Schematics
  5. Engineering
  6. Subcontracting
  7. Construction
  8. Post-construction.

The design side and construction side collaborate from the beginning, providing allied recommendations to fit the overall schedule and budget.

The entire design build in Las Vegas process can be broken down into 5 basic phases:

  • Selecting a Design-Builder

Potential candidates are carefully vetted and based on the most design build experience they are hired. This stage include getting proper licensing, bonding, and staffing & software requirements.

  • Pre-Construction Assessments

This stage is all about giving attention to detail and thoroughly assessing every process. Pre-construction assessment will require architects, engineers, sub-contractors & other consultants to work together. The teams will then define what needs to be done before the construction of the project. Some examples are electrical systems, old structures and so on.

  • Architectural design

Once the processes are clearly defined like the timeline, budget, and location design phase comes into play. The design team and construction team work together to meet project expectations like:

  • Engineering
  • Creating a balance between costs and schedules,
  • Expectation of the stakeholders

Finally the initial drawings are presented and complete expectations are established before the project can begin.

  • Construction

General Contractor begins construction while design is in final stages. Communication and accountability increases at this stage of the process. This stage is all about establishing a collaborative approach for the project to be delivered on time.

  • Post-Construction

Once completed the teams walk-through and the all documentation for stakeholders are completed.

Benefits of Design-build

  • Estimated project cost is proposed at the beginning of the process eliminating the risk of crossing the overall budget later.
  • Simplified process allows various stakeholders and teams to work together under a single contract.
  • Faster delivery of the process since the collaboration and communication is at optimal.
  • Fewer design changes or customization occur throughout the process resulting in cost savings and faster delivery of the project.
Design Build in Las Vegas
Design Build in Las Vegas

As we can see that “Design-Build” offers unique benefits and advantages over other construction methods. The majority of NDL’s projects are Design-Build https://ndlgroupinc.com/services/design-build-team/where we are able to provide a rapid delivery, smooth process, cost savings, sensible solutions, and great communication.

For further information or if you have any queries about design build in   Las Vegas please refer to the Constructor Industry Institute’s Revisiting Project Delivery Performance 1998-2018, https://www.construction-institute.org/ 


Design Build in Las Vegas
Design Build in Las Vegas

NDL Group, Inc. has the licensing, bonding, and financial capabilities to take on any size project. Design-Build’s greatest strength is the single-source contract responsibility. Choosing to Design-Build is critical that you select an honest, experienced builder you can trust. We also have four AutoCAD stations, with full-time in-house design professionals. We have the knowledge needed for a simple TI project to land development to complexed ground-up office/warehouse buildings.