Top 5 Pre-construction Steps for a Tenant Improvement Project

Are you planning to grow your business? Moving to a new space? Looking for the perfect space for your business is never easy! For pre-construction services in Las Vegas, you will need to consider a number of factors before the big decision.

Pre-construction process includes purchasing of land, selection of site and entitlement process. This is an essential part of any type and scale of project. The complexity and amount of time required for the process to be completed depends on the size of the project.

Below is a list of 5 pre-construction steps you can consider prior to the starting of a tenant improvement project.

1. Select the space to lease

 This is the most critical step to ensure the tenant can operate their facility many years into the future.

Find a space that is best suitable based on traffic counts and visibility from major streets. You will be selecting the space mainly depending on the type of business you are running. For example, visibility for a warehouse facility is not an important factor but for retail space it is crucial.

2. Remodel the Space

This option is the most common for prospective tenants because of the great number of existing built-out spaces available for lease in a metropolitan area.  This often saves a tenant both time and money and allows them to establish a presence within a community that is already well developed. Instead of building from scratch, remodeling existing facilities has a greater advantage. For instance, building of restrooms are a great example of the remodeling option.


3. Lease a Similar Type of Business As Yours

Seeking out a space that was used for the same type of business activity can be extremely helpful. For example, a prospective hair salon tenant might be tempted to lease a space that a former salon operated in.  Since there would be existing plumbing, sinks, and potentially even equipment left in place that would allow any remodel activities to be minimal. However you need to ensure that the location was not a problem for the previous owner in the first place!


4. Take Advantage of a New Shell Building

One way to avoid the problem described in item 3 is to consider leasing in a new shell building. One of the main benefits is that they are usually located in up-and-coming areas with a lot of development, meaning more traffic of people. By signing a lease and getting construction started in a new community, a tenant can tap into markets that are underserved.


5. Research the feasibility of a new location

Researching the location is key to success in this case. First take a closer look to match the suitability of the proposed business in that particular area. This will be done by assessing the local zoning/development codes for the local jurisdiction. It is important to determine if a tenant’s use is allowable up front because the public meeting process can add months to a project schedule. Determining if this is a requirement during pre-construction can allow the business owner to decide if it is worth pursuing or if they are better off seeking out another location.

Once these considerations are taken into account you will be rewarded with a) a great business location and b) minimum amount of construction time.

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