Integrated Project Delivery System

Integrated Project Delivery System

NDL Group, Inc. is pleased to offer this innovative type of project delivery system to our clients. This system is unique in the fact that the General Contractor is selected in the very early stages of the design process. By forming the complete design and construction team early, and by keeping that team together through project completion, the Integrated Project Delivery System (IPD) allows collaboration of the expertise and talents of the various team members. Integrated Project Delivery contracts differ from traditional construction contracts, because traditional contracts rewarded those involved if they optimize their own portion of the project. With IPD and Lean Construction methods, parties are rewarded by optimizing the project as a whole. This is accomplished with a cost and profit sharing approach with gives incentives to team members to make decisions that reward the project as a whole, not only their separate trades.

In addition to designers, consultants, and contractors; the IPD system can also involve the owner if they wish to have direct hands-on involvement with the project. This implementation can be used with other delivery methods such as Design-Build or Construction Manager at Risk. With IPD, requests for information are answered and clarified prior to final construction documents being issued.

Principles of Integrated Project Delivery Include:

  • Involvement of the design team, builder, and the owner from the early design phase through project completion.
  • Shared risk / reward including financial gain at risk dependent on project outcome.
  • Design Assist
  • Intense pre-construction process and planning

Benefits to this approach:

  • Shorter construction schedules
  • Reduced construction costs
  • Increased communication
  • Fast problem solving
  • Higher quality end product