Design Build Construction

Design Build Construction

Design Build Construction is an innovative method that provides significant cost and time savings for the client. Architect, designers and contractors work together as one entity. This concept eliminates many of the traditional building issues and setbacks. With the Design-Build team, the project is managed more efficiently from beginning to end.

Design Build Construction provides the following:

  • Single point of accountability and communication throughout the project
  • Building plans, permits, & drawings are executed and presented efficiently
  • Saves valuable time and eliminates costly errors while reducing overages
  • Works directly with the client to implement their plan & design
  • During the Design-Build process we work with the owner to plan, design and construct the project. Our design team is impartial and provides a variety of options, which will result in the best interest of our client.
Design Bid Build

When determining which project delivery method and contractual arrangement to employ, owners should carefully analyze their:

  • Capacity and technical capability to closely manage the process
  • Individual project drivers
  • Sensitivity to cost and schedule escalations
  • Degree of comfort with bearing project risk
NDL Group, Inc.: Design-Bid-Build

Design-Bid-Build is a traditional method of project delivery in which the owner contracts with separate entities for both the design and construction of a project. Upon completion of design, the project is typically sent out to bid and usually awarded to the general contractor with the lowest construction costs.

When NDL Group Inc., is awarded projects, we manage and coordinate all phases from start to finish. NDL Group Inc. works diligently by providing greater value to our clients. We self-perform when beneficial to the project and we oversee all subcontractors to control costs and meet our high standards with efficiency.

NDL Group Inc. offers an experienced full-service Design-Build team to help with any project needs.