How to Pick the Right Construction Management Software

How to Pick the Right Construction Management Software


Any construction company in Las Vegas has to adapt to technology to streamline its processes. Since construction management is very complex managing it can be overwhelming. As a general contractor, NDL Group must be forward-thinking in the pre-construction and planning phases in order to ensure a successful project. Yet, also remain realistic and flexible to the changes happening in the field during the course of construction. Coordinating changes in real-time, and making progress towards a deadline can be difficult to manage. Hence without the appropriate construction management software, the process will be much harder.

Construction management software is used to keep track of every open task item, as well as keep the project goals front and center. However, it gets frustrating to choose from so many of them. Hence there are certain things that need to be taken into account when the question comes into our minds, which is How to Pick the Right Construction Management Software.

How to Pick the Right Construction Management Software


For NDL, having Procore and DocuSign has proven to save the team time and money, and deliver successful projects that clients are delighted with.

As a construction company in Las Vegas, NDL Group uses Procore, a cloud-based construction management software, to manage projects from bidding through closeout.

Along with Procore, NDL Group uses DocuSign to accelerate important documents to subs, clients, and internally as well. Procore and DocuSign combined to save time and money, by allowing them to tackle multiple project aspects in less time.

Procore benefits:

  • Allows the team to document everything – photos, client and subcontractor submittals, RFIs, and daily Jobsite logs.
  • The ability to access everything about a job in one platform
  • More flexibility for the teams
  • Access to real-time information

DocuSign benefits:

  • Efficiency in documentation
  • Less time arranging paperwork – hence the teams can focus on ongoing projects
  • Well organized internal processes

How to Pick the Right Construction Management Software


How to Pick the Right Construction Management Software?

Picking software can be overwhelming, however, keeping the following items in mind might make these decisions easier:

  1. Mobile abilities
  • Ability to access any documents directly from a phone/tablets
  • Real-time data input by teams on job sites
  • Access to real-time information


  1. Flexibility
  • Flexibility to input information in different ways
  • Asking for information on what is already being used is important – translating that onto an electronic method shouldn’t cause any confusion or frustration.
  • Ease the transmission of information from the field to the office and vice versa.


  1. Compatibility
  • Ease of using the platform
  • Step-by-step guidance on how to use the software
  • Creating reports/spreadsheets/uploading should be a straightforward process
  • Includes all the features you need to streamline processes
  • Photo uploads, daily log tracker, scheduling, and other documentation must be included.

How to Pick the Right Construction Management Software

Selecting software for a general contractor proves to be a difficult and daunting task. Teams might get frustrated to adopt it at first. However, change is difficult – especially when in an environment that is constantly changing. Transitioning to new software can be painful but if it is user-friendly and has flexibility, the team will grow to love the ease of this transition.