Everyone at NDL Group is grateful that construction is considered an essential business by Governor Steve Sisolak. When the news first came out about staying at home, businesses closing and how every industry was going to be affected, we certainly became concerned how it would affect those close to us. We are not only concerned for the well being of our team and their families but also our clients, friends and yes, even our competitors.

Although construction is proceeding business as usual currently, our concerns are for the long term impact the Coronavirus could cause. Initially our company saw a few projects go on hold and there have been delays in bidding due to the reluctance to conduct job walks at this time.

There are also the immediate issues of what will happen if construction is halted or if the building departments stop performing inspections. Once construction would be able to start, what will the backlog be at the local agencies after a shutdown? Other industries also significantly impact construction. For example, the SBA is focusing on disaster funding, so what will that mean for small businesses looking for loans? Will banks be reluctant to provide construction financing moving forward? There are ramifications that will continue well past any shut down period that will have lasting effects on the construction industry.

Everyone at NDL Group is holding tight, much like our peers and working hard to keep current clients feeling secure that their projects will be finished on schedule with circumstances changing daily.

We thank everyone who is working diligently at this time to keep things moving forward and certainly give our thanks and support to everyone on the front lines, who are risking their well being to keep our City protected.

Stay safe friends.