Construction Manager at Risk

cmar pre construction services in las vegas

NDL Group Inc., takes pride in the fact we utilize the Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR) method of delivery. This method of delivery allows us to monitor projects thoroughly. The CMAR works closely with the architect, engineers and subcontractors to assess designs and constructability to ensure the best means and methods are being utilized for your project.

The CMAR focuses on the following:

  • Evaluates a project site or space to first identify any existing or potential risk factors
  • Works in conjunction with design consultants by reviewing designs and offering suggestions
  • Institutes boundaries regarding time, quality & costs
  • Provides cost analyses and reviews through each phase
  • Executes estimates, bids, quotes and proposals
  • Creates a time schedule for each phase of the project with periodic updates
  • Creates and upholds quality control specifications
  • Provides the project owner with well qualified scopes and costs for construction and construction management. These are used to create the prime construction contract and the guaranteed maximum price (GMP).
  • Performs as General Contractor