WIN Distribution

WIN Distribution is an 18,000 square-foot cold-storage facility located adjacent the Mountain’s Edge community.  The project included the development of two acres and the ground-up construction a 40-foot tall pre-fabricated metal building.  The site features a metal security fence and automated gates while allowing ample access to the 8-bay recessed loading dock.  The metal building houses three unique refrigerated rooms, a 38-foot tall cooler, a 38-foot tall freezer and a 23-foot refrigerated loading-dock.  Within the -10 degree freezer, we find a state-of-the-art robotic shuttle pallet racking system.  This automated system allows the operator to load and unload the high-piled storage racks using computer software and a robot in order to optimize storage efficiencies.  The extreme (cold) environment created special wiring considerations as well as posed unique working conditions for the builders.  Moreover, the fire fighting measures necessary to extinguish a fire inside of a -10 degree room created some special fire protection aspects that were incorporated into the sprinkler and fire alarm systems.